5 things i will take abroad

  1. A stylish trench coat for inclement weather.
  2. A journal. My working memory isn’t the best, so I’m constantly jotting things down. Besides being immediately useful, a log of train lines and schedules, notes on language differences and money conversions would tell the story of my time abroad and remind me of my experiences. I couldn’t bring home a more valuable souvenir.
  3. A lot of room in my suitcase. For more souvenirs. (I have a collection of teapots, and I’m trying to buy one from each country in the world.)
  4. A jar of peanut butter. I hear it’s hard to come by outside of the United States. I’m eager to venture out, try local cuisine, and shop at local grocery stores, but I need a familiar food like peanut butter to comfort me when I inevitably get homesick.
  5. Patience and a cheerful attitude. If I’m not patient with myself, I’ll become frustrated when I make travel mistakes. I must remember to laugh at myself and learn from my failures.

– Elizabeth

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  1. Is peanut butter really hard to buy abroad? Thanks for the warning, I will for sure be bringing some with me! I do not know how long I can go without that stuff!!

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