7 personal goals for global engagement for Christmas break & next semester

  1. Open room to visitors. Keep room clean and in a hospitable state, so that visitors actually want to stay.
  2. Find an OU Cousin.
  3. Explore more international events and post about them regularly.
  4. Start learning Turkish on Duolingo.
  5. Keep learning German on Duolingo. Practice speaking German at Stammtisch more often on Thursdays.
  6. Read world news every day. Be a more informed global citizen.
  7. Become a better listener and observer.

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  1. I love lists like this. I find making them almost cleansing. It’s great to see everything laid out.

    I really like your first goal. I don’t really connect with my hall, but it’s great to meet new people. I’m interested to know why you want to learn Turkish alongside your German.

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