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My digital story was inspired by a lecture on German dialects from John te Velde, a professor at Oklahoma State University. This brief informational video reflects his reasoning as to why we need people to study and catalog dialects.

My video also reflects some of my own experiences and observations on language differences between the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales. I wish I’d attended this lecture before going to Canada and being confused by the children’s requests to play on the “structure” in the park (instead of the playground), or at least before confusing a waiter in England by asking where the “bathroom” was (in England, it’s the toilet, WC, or loo, not the “bathroom” or “restroom.” The “bathroom” is where you take baths. The “restroom” is where you sit down for a moment or take a nap.) These differences in vocabulary don’t necessarily mean that other countries’ English is part of a completely different dialect, but all the same, I’m glad I now have the perspective and the knowledge that other people speak differently than I do.

The lecture really piqued my curiosity about accents, dialects, and related languages. I hope my degree plan allows me to take an introductory linguistics class at OU, or even while I’m abroad.

I enjoyed making this video, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!


  1. I really enjoyed your video in class today. It was a unique and creative approach, and I liked your drawing style too. I also enjoyed that it was more informative than just a single story. The simple pictures to go along with the audio helped bring out the importance of the message in your video too. I liked that even though you didn’t talk about an international experience, you were able to communicate to people about an international topic. I didn’t realize the variety of dialects that a country could have, but still managed to be identified from one central region.

  2. I was very impressed by your video in class, especially since you basically put it all together in a day. It’s simple, yet still attention-holding. I hope you get to take linguistics classes in the future!

  3. I absolutely loved your video today in class! It’s really interesting how the different language families have formed throughout history and how seeming different languages are, many times, interconnected and share the same roots!

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